A Kiss For The Petals - Beloved Photograph
A Kiss For The Petals 4
その花びらにくちづけを  愛しさのフォトグラフ
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Itoshisa no Photograph
Created by Fuguriya
Written by Sano Shin'ichirou
Art by Peko
Release date(s) 6 June 2008
28 June 2016 (remake)
Media 1 CD-ROM, Internet download
Preceded by A Kiss For The Petals - Joined in Love with You
Followed by A Kiss For The Petals - The Joy of Loving You

A Kiss For The Petals - Beloved Photograph (その花びらにくちけを 愛しさのフォトグラフ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Itoshisa no Photograph? ) is the fourth visual novel released by Fuguriya.

Summary Edit

Following the events at the end of A Kiss For The Petals - My Dear Prince, Sara has found herself unable to cope with the amount of popularity that Kaede is now receiving. After seeing Kaede without glasses and with her hair unbraided, a large number of other girls have become enamored with her, making Sara jealous and insecure. She also starts working as a model again, which sometimes causes her to be separated from Kaede and experience heartache from that separation. As her insecurity about Kaede's faithfulness grows, Sara decides one day to pretend to go to work but instead follow her lover and watch her interact with the other girls at school. Kaede catches on almost immediately, but doesn't raise an issue about it and Sara's doubts are assuaged. Later that same day, Kaede takes to following Sara around, not because she distrusts her but simply because she wants to see what kinds of things Sara does when she isn't with Kaede. During this, Sara slips on the stairs in the school and almost falls, but Kaede manages to catch her just in time, reinforcing in Sara's mind the image of Kaede as her Prince.

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