A Kiss For The Petals - Whisper with a Kiss
その花びらにくちづけを 唇とキスで呟いて
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite
Created by Fuguriya
Written by Sano Shin'ichirou
Art by Peko
Release date(s) 5 December 2008
Media 1 CD-ROM, Internet download
Preceded by A Kiss For The Petals - The Joy of Loving You
Followed by A Kiss For The Petals - Sweet Enchanting Kisses

A Kiss For The Petals - Whisper with a Kiss (その花びらにくちけを 唇とキスで呟いて Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite? ) is the sixth visual novel released by Fuguriya.

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The story starts shortly after A Kiss For The Petals. Yuuna and Nanami are continuing their secret relationship, but Nanami feels like she is inadequate as a lover for Yuuna, who is the practically the paragon of St. Michael's junior students. Yuuna unintentionally contributes to these feelings by admonishing Nanami in front of the rest of the Environmental Committee when her mind strays from her work. She resolves to improve herself until she can be the perfect girl to match Yuuna. Nanami makes an effort the following day to do everything perfectly, but finds herself in several bad situations that she is rescued from by mysterious turns of events. Furthermore, a girl that she helped asks her to come visit her over the weekend, then later nervously withdraws her invitation. Nanami realizes that Yuuna was behind both the miraculous events that saved her earlier and her classmate's sudden change of heart and chastises her for meddling and for scaring off a girl who had meant no harm. Yuuna's jealous nature becomes apparent from this, and even more so the following day when they are approached by Kaede while on a date and Yuuna becomes sulky that someone else is talking to Nanami.

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