Eiko Udō
Udou Eiko
Udou Eiko
Debut Michael's Villainess
Affiliations Kurara Inatori (childhood friend)

Eiko Udō (宇藤英子 Udō Eiko? ) is the one of the characters in A Kiss For The Petals - Michael's Villainess.

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“The old Kurara-sama’s queen-like behavior was lovely too…
But the way she shines as bright as the sun now makes me love being around her.”

In the same grade as Kurara, and one of her hangers-on. She always holds her position behind Kurara, and to the right.

A daughter of a subsidiary of Kurara’s father’s company, she and childhood friend Ikue have been Kurara’s entourage since they were in the St. Michael’s kindergarten together.

In the game, “A Pair of Strangers,” she admired Kurara’s pushy and domineering behavior, following her lead. She was a real devil.

Kurara calls her, “The cat-like half of my power duo.”

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