Ikue Enobi
Enobi Ikue
Enobi Ikue
Debut Michael's Villainess
Affiliations Kurara Inatori (childhood friend)

Ikue Enobi (栄野比郁枝 Enobi Ikue? ) is the one of the characters in A Kiss For The Petals - Michael's Villainess.

Official Profiles Edit

“Yes, just being able to be near Kurara-sama is an exceptional honor.”

In the same grade as Kurara, and one of her hangers-on. She always holds her position behind Kurara, and to the left.

Along with Eiko, she’s been part of Kurara’s entourage since they were in the St. Michael’s kindergarten together. She adores Kurara as both an admired and respected companion.

She think it’s a good thing the way Kurara’s been treating students other than the two of them more kindly, but at the same time, it makes her feel kind of lonely. Kurara calls her, “The ennui half of my power duo.”

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