Maki Tozawa
Tozawa Maki
Debut Revolution! Rinagisa
Affiliations Saki Tozawa (sister)

Maki Tozawa (登沢真紀 Tozawa Maki? )

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“I-It was nothing more than, you know… I was just so moved by Sayuki-sama’s attitude! It’s nothing like that!”

A first-year annex student attending on scholarship. She’s the student council secretary and one of Kurara’s best friends, although in a different class.

Admitted because of her humble roots and academic ability, she feels a sense of competitiveness with the “pure” St. Michael’s girls, and was particularly vigilant when she fist met Kurara (based on rumors about her being domineering when she was in the elementary school), but now they’re open around one another and speak casually, with a close, comfortable friendship.

She’s serious and a hard worker, although she’s troubled by her short stature and childlike physique.

She tries to look more grown up with her glasses and hair tied up, but she still gets treated like a kid all the time because of her height.

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