Sarasa Hōjō
Hōjō Sarasa
Houjou Sarasa
Debut Michael's Villainess
Affiliations Sara Kitajima (mother)

Kaede Kitajima (aunt)

Sarasa Hōjō (北条更紗 Hōjō Sarasa? ) is the one of the characters in A Kiss For The Petals - Michael's Villainess.

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“You know, my daughter will actually be attending St. Michael’s starting next year.”

A nationally famous actress who was cast in a commercial for Kurara’s father’s company, INATORI. Kurara is such a huge fan that she used her position as the president’s daughter to attend the filming, so the two are acquainted.

She has a gentle personality, with a penchant for mischief. She’s a cute, beautiful woman who youthful looks conceal her age.

Her real name is Kitajima Sayuri (北島紗百合), Sara’s mother and Kaede’s aunt (the younger sister of Kaede’s father). She’s divorced from her husband from the business world. She’s also an alumna of St. Michael’s.

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