Sweet Enchanting Kisses
Sweet Enchanting Kisses (web novel)
Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
Created by Fuguriya
Written by Sano Shin'ichirou
Art by Peko
Release date(s) 9 September 2007 - 1 October 2009
Media Internet

Sweet Enchanting Kisses (あまくてほしくてとろけるちゅう Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu? ) is a web serial novel published freely on Fuguriya's website, published sporadically between 9 September 2007 and 1 October 2009. It was adapted into the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals - Sweet Enchanting Kisses on 15 December 2009, which retells and expands this story. Shortly before the announcement of this visual novel, the web novel abruptly ended. It was also translated into English anonymously under the name "Seeking a Sweet, Bewitching Kiss". For the purpose of consistency, this article will use the translated subtitle from the visual novel it was later adapted into.


Takako Suminoe, an alumnus and new teacher at St. Michael's School for Girls, struggles to keep up with the demands of her job. One day, a somehow familar student named Runa Hōraisen transfers in. Takako is breathtaken at her beauty, and is taken by surprise when Runa takes her first kiss from Takako and declares her to be her lover in front of her new class.

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