Yūna Matsubara
Matsubara Yūna
Debut A Kiss For The Petals
Date of birth 4 November
Height 170 cm
Bust size 87
Affiliations Nanami Oda (lover, Environmental Protection Committee)
Voiced by Pochi Uchino

Yūna Matsubara (松原優菜 Matsubara Yūna? ) is the first love interest in the A Kiss For The Petals series. She, along with Nanami Oda, form the first couple in the series.


Yūna is a tall, pretty girl with blonde hair reaching to her waist and blue eyes. She wears a red ribbon on each side of her head, but they seem to be nothing more than decoration. She has large breasts.


When she is not around Nanami, she is extremely serious about her duties as a member of "The Environmental Protection Committee". She is very attractive, intelligent, very popular amongst the girls of St. Michael's. However, when she is alone with Nanami, the previous personality shatters entirely, shown to be very childish and perverted towards her. Often, making statements on how cute she is. She also seems to very possesive of Nanami, stating that she will not let anyone have her.

Yūna is the daughter of a wealthy family of doctors running a large network of hospitals all over Japan. When first introduced, Yūna appears to have a gentle disposition and excels in everything she does. She is also the president of the Environmental Protection Commitee (similar to the student council), making her the most powerful person in the school.

She is a person looked up to by most students in campus, even among upperclassmen, though it seems that she is not aware of it. She loves Nanami more than anyone else is one step closer in being a yandere. Unknown to most, Yūna is actually a very spoiled, dirty-minded girl who easily gets jealous of other girls. She falls in love at first sight with Nanami after an incident during the year-opening ceremony of St. Michael’s.

Yūna lives in an exclusive residential area in Tokyo, quite far from St. Michael’s. She has been studying ballet and Japanese traditional dance since the age of five, and is very good with Japanese cuisine.

Yūna refers to Nanami without honorifics when they are alone, and “Nanami-san” otherwise.


Not much is known about her history, but what is known is that she is the daughter of a wealthy family, which runs a series of hospitals all across Japan.

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Maidens of MichaelEdit

A second year student at St. Michael's and chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee (a group that’s functionally the student council), and the proud daughter of parents who are directors of a large hospital. A somewhat soft-spoken intellectual beauty with a gentle disposition to boot. A busty girl who excels in sports, and all around superwoman.

A campus idol, naturally adored by her juniors (and even by her seniors), while seemingly totally oblivious to that fact.

And yet... She’s actually a rather spoiled, dirty-minded girl. Also the type of person who isn’t satisfied unless she puts all her heart and soul into something.[1]

Snow White's KnightEdit

A third-year student at St. Michael’s, she’s the Chairman of the Environmental Preservation Committee which functions essentially as the student council, and the proud daughter of parents who are joint directors of a major hospital. Although fairly easygoing, she’s both beautiful and intelligent, and has a gentle disposition to boot. With athletic prowess and enormous breasts, she’s an all-around perfect superwoman. She continues to be a very needy girl with a dirty mind. There’s a side to her that completely loses its composure when it comes to Nanami. It seems as though she’s been spending night and day putting her girlfriend Nanami through a rigorous training course in advance of her stepping down as Committee Chairman. [2]


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  • "Yūna" (優菜? ) is written with the kanji for "superiority" ( ? ) and "vegetable" ( na? ). "Matsubara" (松原? ) literally means "pine field".
  • According to Fuguriya's FAQ, Yūna has unusually large influence over the school. Sexual encounters throughout the series are always uninterrupted due to her ensuring that popular areas for them, such as the nurse's office and back garden, are always free of bystanders when the time comes.



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